Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy New Year

So that was Christmas, this is new year. Welcome to 2007 on

No midnight celebrations for me, I'm working on 1st January and will be in an empty office at 6am !

I tried to argue that it would be easier to phone people up at 7am in the morning if they wanted a news bulletin that early. I'd then read them pages from BBC Ceefax or BBC News Online. Least I'd get an extra hour in bed. Oh well.

Hope you have a great year.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Have a great Christmas and New Year

Well the show went okay.

In fact I ended up doing four shows this week, as the other presenter was off work ill.
I felt more relaxed by the end of the week, once I knew where all news, sport and traffic junctions were, and how much `waffle` was needed from me.

I'm off now until New Years Day, back in the (empty) office at 6am 1st January 2007.

Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year.

Take care.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Driving home for Christmas...


Getting ever closer to the big day, it's a nightmare going into the city centres of Preston and Manchester. There are just so many people! Luckily only a few more presents to get.

Some good news, my contract at BBC Radio Manchester has been extended until the end of March 2007, and hopefully something will be sorted out to lengthen that.

If you've nothing better to do between 4 and 6.30pm on Friday 22nd December, why not listen to me on BBC Radio Manchester. I'm presenting the drivetime news/magazine show, no doubt playing Christmassy songs as people `drive home for Christmas` - In and around Manchester we are on 95.1 FM and DAB Digital Radio. If you are elsewhere in the world, listen online

If you want a mention during the show as you make your way home to your Christmas celebrations, leave a message here on the blog, or email me

Ho ho ho... not long to go.

Monday, November 27, 2006

National fame... nearly...

Hello... Back at work now after a couple of days in Dublin with Susan. It was nice to get away from work. I really like Dublin, people seem really friendly and the place is nice.
I'm a big fan of the TV comedy Father Ted, and there was one sign outside a cafe that really made me laugh "Would you like a cup of tea? Ah you will, go on, a nice cuppa tea. Go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on ".... that's a line from Mrs Doyle in Father Ted.

I was working the weekend evening, a dreadfully dull shift, when I got a call from a panicking producer from BBC Radio Five Live. He was asking if there was anyone at Radio Manchester who might be able to help them out and present a programme! It's not your average request from a 5 Live producer, normally it's about booking studios at short notice. Apparently their regular presenter Stephen Nolan had to go home urgently and could not present his show. It's broadcast from the BBC Manchester studios. Naturally I volunteered, but they wanted someone more experienced and who could handle a heated debate. I gave him the number for Allan Beswick, a radio legend in the North West, and they got him in to present the show.

It's the first time I've arranged presenter cover for a national station! I was listening to Allan on 5 Live on the way home from work, and I was kind of glad he was presenting rather than me. The programme certainly was a heated debate about Slavery and Scotland becoming an independent nation! Rather him than me.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Time Off

It's nice having a couple of days off. It's even nicer not having to get up at seven in the morning, or even earlier, and be squashed on the train journey to work. It's also nice to switch off and forget about the news. Sure I'll keep an eye on good old Ceefax (it'll be a shame when it closes) but it's good not to be obsessive.

I've managed to get to November 25th without working a weekend evening.... until now. Yep, what a fun weekend I have in store in the most boring BBC shift possible. While you are out enjoying your weekend evening I'll be stuck in the empty office.

Friday should be good though. We are having a party after BBC Radio Manchester won BBC Local Radio Station of the Year at the Gillard awards.

Off to Dublin in the morning...

Monday, November 13, 2006

Sorry it's been a while...

Hi.. Sorry for the short delay in updating the blog, it's been a busy couple of weeks.

I've been on lates, and then it was Bonfire Night and I've been away with my girlfriend.

I've been given an extra month in Manchester, so might not have to go back to Leeds.

Off to Dublin next week for a couple of days, so I'm really looking forward to that.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Late night....

Back on the old late shift this week. It feels like old times.

I did the late shift in Leeds for five years, and by the end I was really fed up of it. In fact I think I was depressed, though didn't go to the doctor.

As you know, if you've been reading the blog, I've been working in Manchester since January 2006 doing a variety of shifts. It's enabled me to find my social life again, catch up with friends, and even meet my girlfriend Susan.

There's something about the late shift though, the empty office, the bizarre phone calls from listeners, dealing with breaking news stories. You are left to get on with it, there's no pressure and can work at your own pace. As long as the news bulletins are read and are up to date and have prepared some news for the important breakfast show, it can, SOMETIMES, be relaxing.

And the fact I'm not doing the late shift every night makes it that much better.

A busy couple of weeks coming up with trips to sunny Blackpool and Dublin... I'll tell you more about those later....

Finally, congratulations to my friend Paul Smith, who has just been made Programme Controller at Century Radio in the North East! Fab!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

In the hot seat

I've been put in the News Editors hot seat for the past couple of days.

I like being News Editor, but I do miss reading the bulletins. We had a couple of big stories this past couple of weeks too.

The first was a 15 year old boy pleading guilty to the murder of an 11 year Bury schoolboy. The death of Joe Geeling was one of the first big stories I covered when I came to Manchester.

The other big story was the funeral of the murdered Moss Side teenager Jesse James. He was shot dead in September. Two thousand people came to his remembrance service.

In other developments.....

I've been told there's chance I might have to go back to BBC Radio Leeds for a couple of months so I am waiting to hear about that.

And hello to Susan.....

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hello to all the Steve Saul's

If your name is Steve Saul and you're reading this, hello!

I've had an email this week from Steve Saul in Birmingham, he runs a pub quiz business and has a wife and two children.

Steve told me that he's also found another Steve Saul who is a doctor in Atlanta.

So in true Dave Gorman style (he's a comedian who travelled around the world to meet other Dave Gorman's) - I thought it would be good to hear from other Steve Saul's in the world.

So if your name is Steve Saul get in touch with me

Saturday, October 07, 2006

London Calling....

This is London.

Been off work for a couple of days and have just returned from a tip to `the big smoke` - An impromptu trip to see a friend down there.

I also took the chance to have a nosey around BBC Television Centre. A colleague showed me round the newsroom and studios, I even got the chance to go into the main news studio where Huw Edwards et al present the main bulletins! Very showbiz.

Whilst in London I called into the British Library, they have a great exhibition about newspapers and are showing some of the famous headlines from throughout the decades. From Elvis dead through the JFK shooting to the London 7/7 attacks, it really was very interesting.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Award Winning!!

Really pleased this morning, BBC Radio Manchester has been named BBC local radio station of year at an award ceremony last night.

We were also given a top award for Best Outside Broadcast for our coverage of the Manchester Bomb Ten Years on.

It's great to be involved with an award winning station!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Breakfast with Steve

Hello, thanks for clicking onto my site. Sorry I've been a bit slow to update the blog, but I've been a bit busy at work.

I'm presenting the Sunday Breakfast show on BBC Radio Manchester this weekend (24th Sept) so if you are near a radio or online have a listen. It's a religious show though. I'm not really a religious person, though I do believe in the man upstairs and have a quiet word every now and then. Thankfully I've got a great producer in Rebecca Kelly who can advise me what to say, and what not to say!

I got an award at work this week, kind of an `employee of the week` thing, which was nice. If I were working at McDonalds I'd get a star on my name badge! People in the office had nominated me because I came to the rescue of the Heather Stott show that went off-air because of technical problems at an outside broadcast last Friday. I had to `fill` for twenty minutes until they could restore the link. It wasn't just me though, it was Kate Dinsdale who was responsible for the technicals in the studio that saved the day too.

Looks like it's going to be a busy week this week with the Labour Party Conference in Manchester. Anything could happen......

Speak to you soon, and send a message!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Martin Kelner

Just a quick plug for my mate Martin Kelner.... he of `The Guardian` and BBC radio fame...

He's got a great podcast, and this weeks edition is superb...

You can listen to at - (piss poor podcast 24) - And it's even better if you are a radio anorak! It features Chris Moyles and BBC local legend Peter Levy.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I can't believe we are halfway through September already.

It's nearly my birthday (4th Oct). Not a birthday fan to be honest, last year I didn't even put up my cards. I don't want to get any older now, I'm happy as I am thanks. Maybe I should just enjoy it, but I can't at the moment.


I've been asked to cover present the Sunday Breakfast show on BBC Radio Manchester this week. It's always nice to be asked.
It's a show I've not done before, it's the Religious show. Thankfully I've got a really good producer to explain things too me so should be okay.

Hope you are well.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Start up the news machine...

Generally it has been a quiet couple of weeks news wise.

Sure there have been a few stories of note, but it's been the usual parade of what I would call `filler` news.

The schools go back this week, and that means the business people go back to work as well, so over the coming days things should start to pick up.

Though the news has been quiet, it doesn't mean my bulletins have been boring. It gives me the chance to include some lighter stories. I like a good `And Finally` in my bulletin, and to leave the listener with a smile at the end of what can sometimes be a depressing news bulletin.

Some of my favourite `And Finally` stories this week include:

- The excuse for delays given to train commuters because of the wrong type of....... sunshine!

- The story of the 100 year old man who still turns up for work being ordered to take a day off by his bosses.

- The words "iPod", "ASBO", "Muffin Top" and "Bingo Wings" making a new version of the dictionary. (get in touch if you don't know what they mean!)

Just quickly... I had a great time last night with my good friend Kate, we went to a birthday party together in Manchester. It was nice to catch up with some old colleagues I used to work with at BBC Radio Leeds, and socialise with current people from work.

Also get it touch, it would be nice to know if anyone is reading this!! Take care.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

BBC News 24 -

Just a quick one....

Apologies if your TV screen broke on Wednesday morning after I appeared on BBC News 24 at just after 9am in the morning.

I was asked to appear to give an update on the discovery of four bodies in a house in Greater Manchester.

I got the tip off from Greater Manchester Police, and I then told the rest of the wider BBC about it. News 24 `flashed` it - (basically, read aloud my script with a big `Breaking News` banner on screen)

I then got a call from the News 24 day editor who asked if I would come on camera, I said maybe someone from TV would be better, but to call me back if she had a problem.
Around 45 seconds later, the phone rang again, she was having trouble getting anyone to do it from the TV newsroom

So I made my way down to the newsroom camera, turned on the studio lights, framed the camera shot, clipped on a mic, shoved in an earpiece and was live around the world within two minutes -

Now that doesnt happen everyday.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Acting News Editor


They've asked me to run the newsroom while the news editor is off.

Nice to be asked, but it is a bit weird having to make decisions for people and how to make best use of resources.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Terror News

It was a busy day at work on Thursday with the news about police foiling an alleged plot to blow up planes mid-air in a terrorist plot.

I was despatched straightaway to Manchester Airport where I spent most of the day talking to delayed passengers, harrassed staff and explaining on the radio about the new hand luggage restrictions. We even broadcast the whole 1pm lunchtime news bulletin from the airport.

I spoke to one young mum from America who was nervous about flying home, and had to prove to check in staff that her baby food really was baby food.

For obvious reasons I'm glad these stories dont come along everyday, but was glad to part of the reporting team keeping people up to date with the latest developments.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Late night with Stuart Barrett

It's been a funny old week at work...

Firstly all our windows in the office were covered with advertising posters for BBC Radio Manchester. If you pass the BBC building on Oxford Road you will see giant pop art pictures of the main presenters like Anthony Wilson, Allan Beswick, Dianne Oxberry....
They look great on the outside, but its made it difficult to see out from the inside.

The late night presenter, Phil Wood, has been off sick this week.
It's been great to listen to my good friend Stuart Barrett co-present the late show while Phil is off. Never heard him `double-head` a show before, but it's been really entertaining. I think it's the start of a new double act... First there was Anne and Nick, then Richard and Judy followed by Fern and Phil and now Stuart and Gail on BBC Radio Manchester!

(if you dont know who Anne and Nick are click on the TV-am link on the right to find out more!)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Live and online

Well the website is finished, -

Thanks to Alan for working wonders on the site, I think it looks really great.

I thought I would get in there first and stop all the other Steve Saul's in the world, and I'm sure there are many, from getting the domain name.

If you are a Steve Saul somewhere in the world, get in touch, it would be nice to know what you do. I know there is one in America. From my Google search he seems quite sporty... I am not sporty! You can contact me via the website.

Also, while I'm here, good luck to my mate Paul Smith who's leaving BBC Radio Manchester to do good things at Galaxy 105 in Leeds. Top guy.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Bye Bye Alex

Just wanted to pay tribute to the great Alex Hall, who leaves the phone-in on BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio Sheffield and BBC Radio York after 5 years.

I worked with Alex on the phone-in for several years while in Leeds.

She's a great listen and has helped hundreds of people. She'll be doing the mid-morning programme on BBC Radio Cleveland from now on.

Visit her website for more details about her

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Early Start

Better set the alarm as I'm working early in the morning. I'm reading the breakfast news bulletins on BBC Radio Manchester, so it means getting up at 4am. I'd forgotten there was another four o'clock in the day!

Once the alarm goes off and I'm up I don't mind the early start, least I get to finish early!

I get to work with Terry Christian, the gobby Manc who you'll know from when he presented `The Word` on Channel 4.

He's an interesting character, very opinionated and proud of his Manchester roots above all else. Sometimes I think that clouds his judgement, but have a listen to see what you think. You'll hear me doing the bulletins too.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Thanks for clicking on my website.

Here you will find the latest news about me, the North West based journalist and broadcaster Steve Saul.

Come back soon for the latest news.

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