Thursday, August 24, 2006

BBC News 24 -

Just a quick one....

Apologies if your TV screen broke on Wednesday morning after I appeared on BBC News 24 at just after 9am in the morning.

I was asked to appear to give an update on the discovery of four bodies in a house in Greater Manchester.

I got the tip off from Greater Manchester Police, and I then told the rest of the wider BBC about it. News 24 `flashed` it - (basically, read aloud my script with a big `Breaking News` banner on screen)

I then got a call from the News 24 day editor who asked if I would come on camera, I said maybe someone from TV would be better, but to call me back if she had a problem.
Around 45 seconds later, the phone rang again, she was having trouble getting anyone to do it from the TV newsroom

So I made my way down to the newsroom camera, turned on the studio lights, framed the camera shot, clipped on a mic, shoved in an earpiece and was live around the world within two minutes -

Now that doesnt happen everyday.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Acting News Editor


They've asked me to run the newsroom while the news editor is off.

Nice to be asked, but it is a bit weird having to make decisions for people and how to make best use of resources.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Terror News

It was a busy day at work on Thursday with the news about police foiling an alleged plot to blow up planes mid-air in a terrorist plot.

I was despatched straightaway to Manchester Airport where I spent most of the day talking to delayed passengers, harrassed staff and explaining on the radio about the new hand luggage restrictions. We even broadcast the whole 1pm lunchtime news bulletin from the airport.

I spoke to one young mum from America who was nervous about flying home, and had to prove to check in staff that her baby food really was baby food.

For obvious reasons I'm glad these stories dont come along everyday, but was glad to part of the reporting team keeping people up to date with the latest developments.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Late night with Stuart Barrett

It's been a funny old week at work...

Firstly all our windows in the office were covered with advertising posters for BBC Radio Manchester. If you pass the BBC building on Oxford Road you will see giant pop art pictures of the main presenters like Anthony Wilson, Allan Beswick, Dianne Oxberry....
They look great on the outside, but its made it difficult to see out from the inside.

The late night presenter, Phil Wood, has been off sick this week.
It's been great to listen to my good friend Stuart Barrett co-present the late show while Phil is off. Never heard him `double-head` a show before, but it's been really entertaining. I think it's the start of a new double act... First there was Anne and Nick, then Richard and Judy followed by Fern and Phil and now Stuart and Gail on BBC Radio Manchester!

(if you dont know who Anne and Nick are click on the TV-am link on the right to find out more!)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Live and online

Well the website is finished, -

Thanks to Alan for working wonders on the site, I think it looks really great.

I thought I would get in there first and stop all the other Steve Saul's in the world, and I'm sure there are many, from getting the domain name.

If you are a Steve Saul somewhere in the world, get in touch, it would be nice to know what you do. I know there is one in America. From my Google search he seems quite sporty... I am not sporty! You can contact me via the website.

Also, while I'm here, good luck to my mate Paul Smith who's leaving BBC Radio Manchester to do good things at Galaxy 105 in Leeds. Top guy.