Sunday, September 14, 2008

Do I need an iPhone?

My mobile phone contract with Orange is coming to an end. I've been living a battered old Samsung U600 for many a month now.
I recently installed a java programme allowing quick access to my Gmail email over the phone. It's become quite addictive and I do find myself checking for emails whenever I have a moment to spare.
My boss has had an Apple iPhone since launch, and several colleagues have the new 3G version, but do I need one.
Yes I would appreciate the easy access to email, Internet and BBC iPlayer, but do I want to be spending a fortune on a monthly contract with O2? I pay around £20 - £25 a month with Orange.
I do take the occasional photo on my Samsung, but would I be disappointed with the camera on the iPhone, I've heard it's not too good.
I already have an iPod Nano, that's mainly used in the car for listening to podcasts - Would I be able to use the Nano and the iPhone on the same iTunes account?
Size is another thing too, is the iPhone too big for my pocket? The Samsung is quite small in comparison.
If I get one, am I being sucked into the iPhone cult? Do I really need it? Am I jealous? Am I envious? Is it too expensive?

- What should I do? I'd welcome your thoughts.

40th Anniversary

Hello - Apologies for the lack of updates.

It was nice to be asked to the 40th Anniversary of Chorley Hospital Radio last Friday. I cut my teeth at CHR learning basic things about radio craft before I started volunteering at Rock FM.

It was very basic during my time, an old studio hut was crumbling, with only one CD player and two Cd's! The rest was scratchy old vinyl and equipment that didn't really work. Now I learn that they are on-air 24 hours a day, it's all computerised and even link up with Preston Hospital and do live bingo! (Watch out ITV!)

Congratulations on reaching 40, hopefully the station will produce more professionals like me, Glen Hunt from Century Radio and Mick Coyle from CityTalk 105.9