Friday, January 02, 2009

Preston Bus Station

I was outraged to read that the London based Twenieth Century Society are to launch a bid to list Preston's controversial bus station.

I say; "Save your time and effort, go and List something more culturally important elsewhere."

I understand people have strong feelings about the structure and its proximity to certain shops and the markets, but it needs to be demolished and the sooner the better.

It is run down, unsafe, cold, dirty, smelly and over sized.

With the greatest respect, I suspect it's the older people of our city most upset at it's removal as part of Prestons Tithebarn transformation. To these people, and to the Twentieth Century Society particularly, I would appeal that you do not leave the dirty eyesore as your legacy to the next generation.

You need to think about the bigger picture, it's about more than a bus station. Preston is slowly rotting, slowly dieing. Preston Bus Station needs make way for a revitalised city for the next generation of proud Prestonians.

(please note: As with everything on this blog - These are my personal views and are not those of my employer)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Steve, the Bus station is a product of its times and needs to be viewed as such. With such a striking design it is bound to generate extreme views on either side of the debate. It is worthy of saving purely becuse it is "striking". Maybe not as a bus station, but a bit of original thinking could bring it into the city and make it a building we can be proud of.
I must confess to a slightly biased view on this as my Father designed it and I remember the blood, sweat and tears that went into it. We cannot sweep the 60's away and pretend they didn't happen. we should keep and treasure examples of this form of architecture for future generations, dependant on your point of viwe either as a warning or as an inspiration. Either way once it's gone it's gone and another boring shopping centre that looks like all the others will replace it.